B2B Advisory

With more than 10 cumulative years of combined expert experience, B2B Kenya Limited is the leading consulting company in business consultancy. We pride ourselves as a leader in Business-to Business market research and matching. The huge amount of experience we have obtained in different industries around the region is the driving force behind the company.

We have built a vast and reliable database of the businesses in East Africa and their needs. We are in touch with numerous company and industry decision makers and we will match you with the right partner for your business to take off in East Africa. At B2B Kenya.

Market Research & Opportunities

Entering a new market can be quite challenging for new businesses seeking to establish their operations. You need the relevant market intelligence to help you make a decision and hit the ground running. You need to know:
a. If your product is marketable
b. Who are the right business partners to work with (importers, manufacturers etc)
c. Risks, challenges, government regulations, etc

We Research the markets and map out the opportunities to help take your business further. Our markets and opportunities research is built on in-depth, industry-specific knowledge, gathered by our dedicated team and updated regularly.

We will help you evaluate the “size of the prize”, tell you what competitors are doing and find the most effective route to potential buyers. We can even help you craft your proposition to ensure it truly chimes with what the market wants. In short, we turn insight and data into an effective go-to-market plan.

Business Leads Generation

At B2B Kenya Ltd, we will always keep you up to date leads generated from our B2B lead generation database so that you convert those potential buyers to actual deals. Our leads will help to in formulating targeted marketing campaigns so that your message is delivered to interested buyers ready to do business with you.