With more than 10 years of combined expert experience, B2B Kenya Limited is the leading consulting company in business consultancy. B2B Kenya Limited is leader in business-to-business market research. The huge amount of experience we have obtained in different industries around the region is the driving force behind the company.

We use our questioning skills to establish the real problem, before drawing together facts from numerous sources to establish a firm base of evidence. Finally, together with yourselves, we establish a way forward to solve your marketing problems or take advantage of market opportunities, saving you both time and money.

We have built a vast and reliable database of the businesses in East Africa and their needs. We are in touch with numerous company and industry decision makers and we will match you with the right partner for your business to take off in East Africa.

We Research the markets and map out the opportunities to help take your business further. Our markets and opportunities research is built on in-depth, industry-specific knowledge, gathered by our dedicated team and updated regularly.

B2B MatchMaking & International Trade Missions

  • B2B Advisory

  • Market Research & Opportunities

  • Business Leads Generation

Appointments during your market visit

Once potential partners or customers are identified, with sufficient notice, B2B Consulting Kenya can set up a visit program to help you maximize your time in-market. We do this by approaching those contacts you specify and setting up appointments for you to meet and present your business capabilities.

Market or country research

We will help with specific export issues such as gathering data on market trends and statistics, identifying market barriers and regulations, assessing market potential or gathering information and advice on the suitability of a product or service. We do this by accessing databases, information resources and local networks to gather primary and secondary information or feedback for you.

Individual meeting schedules

Individual meeting schedules and introduction to local clients and companies. This includes detailed company profiles and meeting itineraries delivered in advance of market visit.

On site business concierge services

B2B Consulting helps clients find interpreters, translation services, local transportation, security, support personnel, accommodation, and space rental.

Potential partner and customer identification

Help with identifying local contacts in international markets that can import, distribute or support your product or service locally. This is fully customized to each client, with extensive information exchange and screening – for example, identifying potential acquisition targets, joint venture partners, contract manufacturers, representatives, dealers, and agents. We do this by researching key market players, competitors and other contacts to identify the industry structure and in consultation with you, approach those that best meet your criteria to introduce your products or services to.

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